Stratford Box

I had a really interesting afternoon photographing Stratford Box Pumping Station for Lyall Bills and Young architects last week. The Pumping Station is one of 3 that the architects have designed for the Olympic Site.

The Pumping Station is a new ground-water pumping station for Thames Water that sits within the context of the 2012 Olympic Park. It forms part of a new water-main scheme that will provide an additional raw water source for London during drought conditions. The Pumping Station is located within a sensitive nature conservation site and the emerging designs take account of the need to preserve and enhance the character of the surrounding open space. At the same time the physical appearance of the buildings will fit into the Olympic design themes and legacy proposals following the games.

The topography of the site was really interesting being sandwiched between several railway lines, a balancing pond and flyover and in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium.

1. Stratford Box

5a. Stratford Box

11. Stratford Box

23. Stratford Box

24. Stratford Box

27. Stratford Box